Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Snowflakes and Postcards!

I just received news that Cheryl Klein from Scholastic wrote about the snowflake that I created for Robert's Snow on her blog.

Thank you Cheryl!

She recounts how she first found my work and brought it to the attention of Arthur Levine, publisher of Arthur A. Levine Books and editor of Dizzy.

Cheryl also wrote about Selina's snowflake on her blog.

Here are the two images that I had printed on postcards that Cheryl refers to in her blog.

This image is of Lauryn Hill. It also got me the contract to illustrate Powerful Words. At the time I used mostly gouache and tempera.

This image was inspired by the story of the Little Prince. It was painted mostly in oils.

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Explore Brooklyn said...


I love the snowflake, It would make a beautiful holiday card.