Friday, January 8, 2016


Part of the joy and challenge of being an artist for me,

is not knowing exactly how a work a will evolve or look when finished. And although I usually have something of a vision of what I want, rarely does a painting turn out exactly how I imagined - sometimes it's close and I'm satisfied and sometimes I'm
happily surprised by the results.
Much of my personal work has been inspired and influenced by vintage advertising graphics, more specifically products featuring African-Americans or those geared to

A few years back, I created this piece based on the idea of a fictitious line of hair products called New Age Hair Grease.
On the same theme, later I did this piece but with no hand lettering.
Fast forward to 2015, I wanted to do more with the NAHG theme. I didn't have a really strong vision of what I wanted the piece to look like but knew that I wanted it to be a step forward from the previous ones.
Especially with my daily/weekly paintings, I try to keep things simple (and small) so
that I can easily move onto the next one and not get stuck. Simple enough in theory but it seems like there's often a "hiccup" which impedes progress - as it was this piece was leaving me very dissatisfied.

I decided to move onto other paintings but eventually came back to it and decided to strip away most parts, the hand lettering most of all. 
I also wanted to base the face on a woman from a previous piece (above) that I was happier with.
I added more overall contrast. This was definitely a case where I did not have a strong vision for the final art, but I 
knew it still wasn't quite there. I integrated hand lettering but decided not to continue with the original NAHG theme. I added more subtlety of color and values.

Finally finished.
I have a few prints of some of the above images available ranging from $30-$50 plus shipping.

NAHG #1 is 13X16", image size 9x12" with 2" boarders on all sides - $50 
Star Power is 9x9", image size 5x5" with 2" boarders on all sides - $30 (currently sold-out, back in stock soon.)
Afro Psyche #1 is 10 x 13", image size is 6x9" with 2" boarders on all sides - $45 (currently sold out-order now, back in stock soon)
Red Psyche is also 10 x 13", image size is 6x9" with 2" boarders on all sides - $45
Fro is also available 10x10", image size is 6x6" with 2" boarders on all sides - $40

I have a limited number of prints, first come, first serve. Each one is printed on, 
oba-free, watercolor paper with archival inks. Just leave a comment and we can work out the details.
Again, stay tuned. If you know anyone you think may be interested please direct them here to my blog or have them contact me and I’ll add them to my list.
Apologies to those who have been waiting for updates. Now that I'm in my new studio I hope to keep the blog updated with new work more regularly. 


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stevenjared0853 said...

You know buddy I have also seen such stunning paintings at an event that had been organized at Chicago venues. The painters did wonderful work and attending that event was seriously a nice experience.