Tuesday, June 10, 2008

7th Heaven - Park Slope this Sunday

I'll be signing books, selling prints and originals this Sunday at the 7th Ave Street Fair - Seventh Heaven - June 15th (10am-6pm).

I'll be set up between 9th and 10th streets. Come by and get a copy of Phillis's Big Test or Before John Was A Jazz Giant.
These photos are from last year's 7th Heaven.


Alba said...

Hi! I was so excited to see your booth at the 7th Heaven fair again today. I remember you from last year. My husband and I love your work. I really wanted to purchase the print you had of A Precious Moment. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough cash with me. Is the size of that print the same as the one you have listed for sale on your website?


Sean Qualls said...

Hi Alba,

the print is the same size. I'll have more available in a few weeks if you would still like to purchase one.



Anonymous said...

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garychching said...

Hi Sean, Gary here from over Always Searching for Music (ASFM). I have got the 8 track rip of Klark Kents "Musical Madness From The Kinetic Kid" but afraid have not got the Flys track.

Send me an email (my ID in my profile).

By the way, Love you artwork, very nice.

All the best Gary