Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Little Rock Nine for READ Magazine

These are two of four illustrations that I recently did for READ Magazine. The story, "Warriors Don't Cry", is about Melba Patillo - one of the Little Rock Nine - a group of African-American students that were intigrated into the all-white Little Rock High School in 1957.


Dee said...

One of my favorite novel units to teach was Patillo's. Your artwork is a wonderful addition to the supplemental material of READ. You captured the mood and facial expressions perfectly.

Sean Qualls said...

Hi Dee,

thanks for stopping by. Melba has a great face to draw. Have you seen the READ supplement? I haven't seen it yet.

Anonymous said...


Mary said...

I have used this READ magazine issue and it is wonderful. I used it in Feb 2004. I contacted READ magazine last week and they do not archive back issues to this date.

I would like to use Little Rock to prepare my students for an upcoming play using this and I can't find a copy anywhere.

Could you help?


Sean Qualls said...

Hi Mary,

I have an extra copy that I'm more than happy to send you. If you would like it, send me your mailing address -

Mary said...

Thanks for your response! I will look forward to receiving the copy.

p.s. I sent my school address on your email address :)